Frequently Asked Questions

Building Your Dream Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Building a custom home is an exciting process, with a variety of considerations. So we've assembled some the questions we are asked most often.

Is building more expensive than buying?

A new, energy-efficient home built by Triple D Construction is actually more cost effective than purchasing an older outdated home. When you consider the costs of maintaining and updating an existing home versus building a new home with superior innovative products, better insulation, less maintenance, and a builder's warranty-- building a new home is the better investment.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

The cost of building a house can fluctuate. Triple D Construction has a variety of floor plans, finishing touches and home sites for nearly every budget. Many of our standard energy-efficient features are often considered upgrades. Final cost is really defined by your unique needs and personal style.

What are some things we should consider when choosing a house?

Building a custom home opens up an array of exciting possibilities. Once you have your land, it is important to first decide on a floor plan that best suits your family's requirements, provides privacy, achieves good sunlight and takes advantage of any views. You can then start to make decisions around the style of your house.

Do you only use your floor plans?

No. If you have a design in mind that doesn't fit with one of our existing floor plans, please ask us about generating a floor plan to your specifications. Or bring us one of your own. Plan design costs vary.

What happens if there are price increases while the home is being built?

Triple D Construction's guaranteed pricing may vary based on today's market. We strive to give you certainty, however material costs and your scope of the build may change as we progress. Final cost is really defined by your unique needs and personal style.

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